Monday, September 20, 2010

WOW: Wine of the Week...Frog's Leap!

Top Wines of the Week (WOW) from Uncorked
Week of September 20, 2010
Featured Winery: Frog's Leap, Rutherford
It won't be long now and Uncorked will turn our focus to NEW releases! of our favorite times of year!  Continue to watch the site for regular updates as well as our weekly WOW's: Wine of the Week for new releases and GREAT close-out deals!
This week though, we turn our attention to one cute little frog, the ambassador for Frog's Leap Winery in Rutherford.  Touring Frog's Leap was a REAL education on just what a difference one winery can make!  Frog's Leap is home amongst 130 acres of vineyards in Rutherford at THE historic Red Barn.  The Red Barn was built in 1884 as the Adamson Winery and finally renovated in 1994 as Frog's Leap's permanent home.  The building itself is quite a marvel housing all of their barrels and serving as an overlook on the vineyards and an impromptu tasting room if necessary.  
While many recognize the now famous Frog's Leap Logo, few know that the property was an actual Frog Farm.  What do we LOVE about Frog's Leap?!  Their determined, unrelenting, take-no-prisoners Mission Statement:  "Frog's Leap will make a difference."  Frog's Leap farms organically, erected a LEED certified tasting room and hospitality center in 2005 and they continue to be protectors and defenders of the one thing we all have in common-our Earth. 
While the day we visited Frog's Leap was plagued with clouds and rain, it was easy to see the care that has been taken to protect the land and indirectly the fruit that they are harvesting.  The rain brought out many helpful snails that we were careful not to disturb on our tour.  While "organic" is all the rage in wine now (shiny stickers are found on almost EVERY bottle now!), Frog's Leap's commitment is genuine and will endure.
Think that Frog's Leap may just be boring tree-huggers?!  Not so...currently they are working on a program to bring wine kegs to the market.  You heard it here first.  Keep your eyes on Frog's Leap!
Their website is a wealth of information AND fun to read through.  Bored at the office?  Head to their home page and help the Frog catch some flies!  The Frog's Leap wines jumped right into our hearts as we hope that they do yours.
To view all of the wines distributed by Frog's Leap Winery, please visit our "Wines of the Week" at

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