Monday, August 1, 2011

WOW: Wines with Spanish Flair!

WOW: Wine of the Week

Hot, Hot, Hot:  NEW Wines with Spanish Flair!

Looking for something new and exciting?  Stuck in a wine-rut?  (Although that never seems like a bad place!) Uncorked has unearthed some new varietals for your palate's pleasure.

Have you ever tried a Viura, Malvasia, Tempranillo Blanco blend?  Or what about a Prieto Picudo or a Mencia?  Three new Spanish wines and varietals have been added to the Uncorked website.  And all wines are under $15 per bottle!

Indulge your experimental nature (we know you have one!) and try these wines today...Uncorked is confident that you'll be pleased with these new choices.  Want to know more about each varietal:

Viura (also called Macabeo):  Widely grown in Rioja.  The grape is used to make mildly acidic and young white wines mostly suitable for early consumption or blending with other varietals.  It is often the main grape of white Rioja and is sometimes blended in small amounts with Tempranillo and red Garnacha, both in unoaked and oaked versions.  Commonly used as a blending grape for Cava as well.

Malvasia:  Traditionally a grape used to make fortified wines.

Tempranillo Blanco: Tempranillo Blanco, or White Tempranillo, is a relatively unknown grape, planted in tiny quantities exclusively in Rioja. The grape itself is the result of a natural mutation of the more common 'red' Tempranillo, and was only discovered in 1988 on a vine in a vineyard in Murillo de Rio Leza. DNA analysis discovered a natural 'albinism' affecting the genes that resulted in a yellow/green skin pigmentation instead of the usual blue/purple.

Prieto Picudo: Prieto Picudo is a red wine grape grown around Castilla-León in northern Spain. Mainly used in the production of general red wines known as Clarete.

Mencia: Primarily found in the northwestern part of Spain.  The Mencía grape can be seen as the axis around which all Bierzo wine making revolves. Few grape varieties better express the terroir of a region of calcareous clay and slate substrata.

***Please note that and Uncorked Wine Consulting will be altering shipping schedules based on the summer temperatures.  Please contact Courtney directly at with any questions or concerns.***

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