Monday, September 26, 2011

WOW: Row Eleven Wines

WOW: Wine of the Week

New Additions: Row Eleven Wines

Row Eleven Wines

After much anticipation, is pleased to offer five selections from the Row Eleven Wine Company portfolio.

"Founded in April 2004, Row Eleven Wine Company currently produces three wine brands: Row Eleven, Stratton Lummis and Civello. We crush grapes from Santa Barbara County to Sonoma County. We work with California’s finest vineyards. It is our belief that great grapes must be crushed within ten miles of each vineyard. This makes it impossible for us to have a central winery." - Winery Notes

Wine selections from Row Eleven exhibit cleaver, beautiful, smart retail packaging to the consumer all while delivering quality to the palate.   Civello has quickly become a ShopUncorked Client favorite.  This was encouragement enough for us to seek out other selections from Row Eleven and we are confident that these too will become your new household favorites.

Civello White Blend 2009 Tasting Notes

"We began with a traditional Alsatian mix of Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. The two grapes together become a mysterious mix of taste and aromas best described as baked nuts and spice. Feeling the blend was too traditional, Winemaker Ricardo d. wanted to enrich the Pinot Gris with tropical notes and flavors. Chosen were the white peach and tropical flavors found in the Verdelho grape when grown in California.  The taste is crisp, but full. The wine is dry." - Winery Notes

Row Eleven "Vinas 3" Pinot Noir 2007 Tasting Notes

"A simple and straightforward moderately light wine with aromas of black cherries and black raspberries, sugar cone and oak. Nondescript in the mouth with simple cherry flavors. Soft tannins make for easy drinkability." - Winery Notes

Row Eleven Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir 2006 Tasting Notes

"Dark cherries mixed with cola, spice and heavy smoke flavors. Enjoyable now, but will be wonderful for the next several years." - Winery Notes

Stratton Lummis Cabernet 2008 Tasting Notes

"Aromas of dark wild berries and fragrant flowers. Flavors of black cherries, elegantly balanced with hints of Rutherford soil." - Winery Notes

Stratton Lummis "The Riddler" Red Blend Lot One Tasting Notes

"Hints of bright wild raspberries mix with fresh plums and violets. Red fruit flavors linger endlessly on your palette." - Winery Notes

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