Monday, October 10, 2011

WOW: Wine of the Week!

WOW: Wine of the Week

Bubbles, Bubbles, EVERYwhere!

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

In honor of the much anticipated Master's of Wine Annual Champagne Tasting rescheduled for this week (thanks Hurricane Irene!), bubbles of all origins and sizes are our feature this week!

Generally speaking, most American view Champagnes or Sparkling Wines as merely a celebratory libation.  Uncorked is out to change all of that!  No sound is quite as lovely as the "pop" from a pressurized bottle of bubbles.  It's also one way to ensure that all heads in a restaurant will turn in your general direction.

Proseccos and Cava's can be lovely accompaniments to spicy Asian dishes and sushi.  Sparkling Shiraz and Malbec have also staked their claim on the barbeque meat lovers.  And how do we tailgate at Uncorked?!  Why with 187ml bottles of Champagne of course!  This single serving is perfect for tailgate parties,  baby showers, wedding favors, movie theaters...need I go on?

But perhaps the best combination, and most timely application for Sparkling Wines or Champagne is as a partner to our beloved Thanksgiving Dinner.  Bubbles of the Rose stature perform exceedingly  well as Tom Turkey's partner.

View of WOW: Wines of the Week on to view our favorites!

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