Monday, March 25, 2013

WOW: An Italian Bargain!

WOW: Wine of the Week

An Italian Bargain: Le Caniette Rosso Bello

Le Caniette Rosso Bello 2009
Sticking with last week's theme of trying new wines from other regions, Uncorked is pleased to present Le Caniette Rosso Bello 2009.  At UNDER $10.00 per bottle, now is the PERFECT time to test your taste buds on this approachable Italian blend.

Use this red blend to help the transition from big, bold red blends of the fall and winter to the lighter wines preferred in cooler months.

Winery Notes

Le Caniette is a winery with 16 hectares of vines and it is certified organic, somewhat of a novelty in Italy in general and in this area in particular

Le Caniette Rosso Bello 2009 Tasting Notes

"Michelangelo gave the name 'Rosso Bello' or Beautiful Red to a brilliant red color that this full bodied wine is named after. This wine was produced in the land of Ascanio Condivi, named after the apprentice, friend and biographer of Michelangelo. You will find this wine intense and persistent recalling red fruits, cherries, rose petals & violets." - Winery Notes
Blend: 45% Montepulciano, 45% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet

Le Caniette Rosso Bello 2009 Pairings

It goes well with all kinds of vegetables, pasta dishes accompanied by strong sauces, fresh pasta stuffed and cured meats.  This Rosso Bello also pairs well with spaghetti and roasted white meats.

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