Monday, April 21, 2014

WOW: How do you define "Syn3rgy?"

WOW: Wine of the Week

How do you define "Syn3rgy?"
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The definition of "Synergy" is as varied as the number of people asked to define it.  But for the purposes of this WOW and truly excellent wine, this week favors the definition by the two founders of B Cellars!

Product Description

"The two passionate wine collectors-turned-vintners Jim Borsack and Duffy Keys, who founded B Cellars, made a great choice when they hired young phenom Kirk Venge to be their winemaker. The son of Napa winemaker Nils Venge, Kirk is considered one of the area’s rising stars and has all the advantages one might expect of an insider scion-connections to great growers and access to fruit and information that might elude someone new to the valley. B Cellars is the kind of project that might entice any young winemaker looking to burnish his résumé, though. It’s focused entirely on handcrafted, no-expense-spared Napa Valley wines. A blend of three single-vineyard Cabs, Syn3rgy is a new wine for B Cellars. While the team loves the expression of single vineyards, in this case they believe the whole surpasses the sum of its parts. Hours and hours of blending were required to get just the perfect wine, which only amounted to 200 cases." - Winery Notes

b Cellars "Syn3rgy" Cabernet 2010 Tasting Notes

"The dark, brooding nose suggests red currant, black currant, licorice and mocha.  Expressive ripe-fruit flavors and exquisitely etched fine, silky tannins characterize this Napa Cab." - Winery Notes

b Cellars "Syn3rgy" Cabernet 2010 Pairings

The B Cellars Syn3rgy’s intensity requires an entrée with ample substance and fat as a counterbalance. Look to simply flavored beef, lamb and game dishes, particularly those that are grilled or roasted. Accent ingredients like lentils, mushrooms and root vegetables will play up the wine’s earthy notes, while fresh herbs and leafy green vegetables will harmonize with its minty, herbaceous character. Outside of meat, look to meaty vegetables like eggplant and mushrooms to stand up to the wine.

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