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WOW: A "Hipster" Wine: Reinventing an OLD standard!

WOW: Wine of the Week

A "Hipster" Wine: Reinventing an OLD standard!

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Introducing Fritz Mueller Wines!  These wines stormed onto the scene in 2009 as an effort to breathe new life into some old German varietals - many of which you may have never encountered.

A little history lesson: "When Herr Müller from Thurgau was growing this grape in the Rheingau region back in 1882, nobody had the slightest idea of just how insidiously this variety would later stab German winemaking in the back. Adapted to the local climate, the Müller-Thurgau matures quickly and produces refreshing wines every year, even when other more sun-loving varieties did not receive enough sun. With its reliably good flavor, the Müller-Thurgau quickly spread throughout the country – even topping the Riesling variety in the early 1970s.

In the 1980s, however, things started going downhill for the Müller. Many winemakers took advantage of the fact that the grape can produce high-yield harvests and peddled the variety off as inferior bulk wine. The world was flooded with cheap German Müller-Thurgau wines and blends thereof. "Characterless, dreadful, superfluous!" cried the wine experts. The reputation of German wine was thus completely ruined and Müller-Thurgau ended up at the top of the list of scorned varieties.

The important thing in the making thereof, is that only good grapes end up in a bottle of Fritz. Because only when ripe and healthy grapes are used, can Fritz naturally taste so fruity and vibrant as it does. And the bubbles that it receives on top of all that, make it even fresher. Fritz is not intended to be a semi-sparkling wine for the masses, but it should please everyone. Everyone, that is, who wants not only to philosophically sniff the glass in their hand, but would sometimes rather just drink from it – only without the headache, and without an empty wallet the morning after." - Winery Notes 

Fritz Müller White NV Tasting Notes

"Light straw yellow with lovely green highlights. Fresh-fruity aromas of pear, apple and grapefruit. Mild and well balanced on the palate with exotic aromas and a delicate nutmeg tone. Sparklingly refreshing." - Winemaker Notes

Fritz Müller Rose NV Tasting Notes

"Bright pink with ruby highlights. Red fruit aromas such as red currant & raspberry. Vibrant citrus notes on the palate, fruit-driven with delicate spices and the dark berry aromas characteristic of these varieties. Pleasantly tingling." - Winemaker Notes
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