Tuesday, September 8, 2015

WOW: "Radicle" Wine - Literally!

WOW: Wine of the Week

"Radicle" Wine - Literally!

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This week's WOW REALLY lives up to it's name: It's "Radicle" for ShopUncorked.com to offer this 2012 (scoop up the 2012 vintage while you can!) Oregon Pinot Noir for just $21.45!

Product Description

"In botany, a 'radicle' is the earliest emerging root to develop from a seed, sending itself into the ground to create strength and take nourishment from the soil so that the plant will grow strong and spread its leaves. For wine lovers, 'Radicle Vine' wines are a tasty introduction to Lady Hill wines, delivering unexpected levels of quality and value that show what True Northwest wines are all about.  Radicle Vine wines offer rich flavors and robust character for satisfying drinking, by themselves or in pairing with fine foods. Radicle Vine wines are always an easygoing and affordable Northwest pleasure!
Lady hill works closely with a small number of selected Willamette Valley vineyards who farm their piont noir with exceptional care.  In some cases these are legendary vineyards, in other case they are more akin to undiscovered gems.  Both vineyards are represented in this wine. The core of this wine comes from Freedom Hill Vineyard, located in the Coast Range foothills. Owned and farmed by Dan and Helen Dusschee, Freedom Hill is one of the most respected pinot noir vineyards in North America. Added to this is pinot noir from the Hettwer Vineyard, a small vineyard near Silverton, Oregon that grows exceptional fruit. Together these vineyards produced a pinot noir of power and balance in 2012." - Winery Notes

Radicle Vine Pinot Noir 2012 Tasting Notes

"Deeply-hued, rich purple color with fushsia edges is the first thing to note in this wine.  Matching the depth of color, the aromas rising from the glass are full of dark berry fruitiness complemented by hints of baking spices and a foundation of freshly turned garden soil.  In the mouth saturated flavors of blackberries and black raspberries are broad and vibrant on the palate, with mouthwatering acidity.  There are accents of anise, graphite and dried basil in the background.  Tannis lend a firm structure, but are well-controlled.  The finish is long and lingering, with hints of mint and a lip-smaking tang at the end.  While this is a big-boned pinot noir with a forward character, there is also an elegance of balance that speaks of pure Willamette Valley pinot." - Winery Notes
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