Monday, February 20, 2012

WOW: Bella Bubbly!

WOW: Wine of the Week

New Year, New Products:
Bella Bubbly!  Bella Costa Prosecco


Bella Costa Prosecco

Are you like me?!  Do you want to drink bubbly every day?!  Allow Uncorked to recommend Bella Costa Prosecco.  This is our  second round offering of new products from Vino Mondo, a new Charlotte based distributor, is Bella Costa Prosecco.

This Prosecco is a crowd pleaser, not to mention a wonder on your wallet!  For under $12 per bottle, we recommend buying this bottle by the case!  

Product Description

"Celebrate life, Italian style, with some bubbles! No other nation lives life with more style and grace than the Italians. Whether it is people watching at an outdoor café or savoring a 5 course dinner with friends and family, the Italians enjoy the moment. Everyday is a celebration of life, love and family. Prosecco speaks to this festive lifestyle." - Winery Notes

Bella Costa Prosecco Tasting Notes

Bella Costa Prosecco is extra dry in style.  On the nose, the wine is fresh and fruity. On the palatte, creamy lemon citrus with apple and pear fruit. The bubbles are creamy and not aggressive. Finish is crisp and easy.

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