Monday, July 22, 2013

WOW: Avissi...The PERFECT Poolside Prosecco!

WOW: Wine of the Week

Avissi...The PERFECT Poolside Prosecco!

Avissi Prosecco N/V

Looking for the PERFECT poolside option to beat the heat?!  Look no further! is pleased to offer another FANTASTIC summer value with the addition of Avissi Prosecco.

And at just over $10 per bottle, you'll want to stock'll be the hit of the pool and your reserves will go quickly!

Product Description

"Italy’s rolling Treviso Hills lie just to the north of romantic Venice, sandwiched between the majestic Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea. Is it any wonder that the Prosecco produced here tastes the way it does? Avissi beautifully expresses the exuberant character of the Veneto region, famous throughout the world for producing unforgettable sparkling wines. Made from 100% Prosecco grapes, our DOC Italian sparkling wine is handcrafted with great care to capture the ultra-fresh flavors, floral fragrance and crisp effervescence that characterize top quality Prosecco. Avissi is born to drink young, when the fruit flavors and aromas are at their very freshest.
Start living la dolce vita." - Winery Notes

Avissi Prosecco N/V Tasting Notes

"The name 'Avissi' comes from the delightful fizzy sound the bubbles make as they happily rise in the glass. Avissi’s brilliant straw-yellow color makes the perfect backdrop for the wine’s fine, sparkling perlage, which releases a gorgeous bouquet of delicate floral notes and fruity aromas. Inviting fresh fruit flavors lead to a clean crispness on the palate and refined finish, making Avissi the perfect match for a wide variety of cuisines and occasions." - Winery Notes

***Please note that and Uncorked Wine Consulting will be altering shipping schedules based on the summer temperatures.  Please contact Courtney directly at with any questions or concerns.***

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